About MotivAsians

Who Are We?

MotivAsians for Cleveland is a premier organization cultivating a vibrant Asian community for Greater Cleveland by promoting the attraction and retention of Asian-American professionals through leadership and professional development, networking, and civic involvement.


MotivAsians for Cleveland focuses on three core aspects: Community Development, Professional and Leadership Development and Networking.

Community Development – The vitality of a community is a major factor in the attraction and retention of skilled professionals. MotivAsians for Cleveland seeks to promote community growth and stability in Greater Cleveland through community involvement.

Professional and Leadership Development – Community development and economic vitality can only be achieved when leadership exists to inspire and assemble the community to develop and implement civic initiatives. MotivAsians for Cleveland formulates and implements initiatives to develop professional and leadership skills of its members so that they can actively and meaningfully contribute to the growth of our community.

Networking – Community vitality is achieved through not only economic growth and stability, but also through the growth and stability of social and professional relationships. MotivAsians for Cleveland creates and organizes events and functions that provide an opportunity for its members to network.


MotivAsians was founded by a few enthusiastic young Asian-American professional in  the year of 2002. It was born from a vision to leverage the unique skills and perspectives of young Asian-American professionals to positively influence the communities in Greater Cleveland.

Both statistical data and anecdotal information indicate that many young Asian-American professionals have left the Greater Cleveland area for other regions of the country with greater perceived professional opportunities and cultural diversity.  Further, many of these migrating Asian-American professionals possess the skills and competencies required to help transform our community into a leading social and economic region of the nation.  To ensure that Cleveland maintains the rich cultural diversity that exists in our community, this non-profit organization develops and implements strategies to make Greater Cleveland an attractive home for Asian-American professionals and their families, and thereby attract and retain the valuable human capital which is a critical element to the long-term vitality of this region.  Further, MotivAsians for Cleveland seeks to prepare our Asian-American professionals to assume corporate and civic leadership roles to make a positive difference in Greater Cleveland.

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