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CommunicAsians Public Speaking Series 2012-2013 

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Would you like to deliver speeches and presentations with more confidence? We can help! MotivAsians is proud to offer CommunicAsians, a series of workshops to enhance your overall communication skills to deliver effective presentations for
career development and growth.
We are partnering with Phil Stella of Effective Training & Communication, Inc., a seasoned presentation coach and professional speaker, to create and facilitate this niche-session series. With eleven total sessions in the program, the 90-minute monthly
sessions will begin in September and alternate between a speaker learning session and group practice session.
We encourage you to take full advantage of this excellent skill building learning experience and become a more competent and confident presenter!

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Space is limited!

Program Schedule 2012-2013

Date* Time Event Topic* Location
September 17, 2012 6-8pm Kickoff Speaker 1 Program Overview, presentation anxiety analysis, audience centricity, main point structure Cleveland Clinic Foundation House
October 17, 2012 6-8pm Group Practice 1 Minimizing and masking anxiety, adapting main point structure to meet individual needs Miega Korean BBQ Restaurant
November 29, 2012 6-8pm Speaker 2 Concepts: Strong intros, body & conclusions.  Elevator pitches.Effective visual aids (how to avoid death by powerpoint) Margaret Wong & Assoc.
December 19, 2012 6-8pm Group Practice 2 Elevator pitches,designing handouts and slides to support presentation. Miega Korean BBQ Restaurant
January 16, 2013 6-8pm Speaker 3 Physical delivery skills discussion & demo, eye contact, facial expression, gestures, stance, movement. Cleveland State University
February 20, 2013 6-8pm Group Practice 3 Delivering specific presentation intros and focus on Plus/delta feedback on physical delivery skills. Emperor’s Palace
March 20,2013 6-8pm Speaker 4 Handling Audience Questions    (RSVP) Lubrizol
April 17, 2013 6-8pm Group Practice 4 Practice all the physical and delivery skills.    (RSVP) Emperor’s Palace    



No session this month. Cleveland Asian Festival 5/18-5/19

June 26, 2013 6-8pm Speaker 5 TBD by participants    (RSVP) KeyBank    

*Subject to change as needed.*

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